Robot and human

     Nowadays we portrait robot and machine as a threat and future but what is really happen now ?

We can really send robot all the way to Mars but not grocery store.

     It tend to difficult for robot to do something that we though it is easy to do. We can program it to move something from certain place to another place such as from grocery store to my house. But it is very hard to let the robot to handle something like it should be. For a human, it’s easy to pick up an item without dropping or crushing it , We instinctively know how much force to use. But this is really hard for a robot. We call this last metre problem.

     Last meter is very interesting problem because many things that we commonly do in our daily life is this problem. We still have long way to before robot can do basic daily tasks but they will surely become part of our life one day. ( Actually it already is. )

But what if it can handle the last meter problem ?

     There will be more problem and that one is robot can’t sensitive to emotion and personality. They treat everyone almost the same and human will interact with robot based on situation and highly influenced by feeling. Eventually we might build a robot that do have a life and inner feeling. Then that will be a different matter. Do AI and robot have a robot right ? That mean we solve and understand nature of consciousness ?

     Whatever the robot will become part of our lives. Maybe in generation to come everything will handle by robots. So I think we need to think about these.

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